COTC Young adults.

friends to experience life with .

Young Adults // ages 18-35 (Monthly)

Young Adults// 18-24 (Weekly)

Adulting is hard. Come do it with us.


We are simply a community of young adults (ages 18-35) whose desire it is to come together, form friendships, and experience life while loving God.  Our goal is to have fun and do life together but we also define and fulfill our life's purpose by being followers of Jesus Christ!

Once a month we get together for special events. We might go bowling, catch a movie, have a game night, or any other opportunities for fun, fellowship and food. If you would like to meet with us more than just once a month, then join us at COTC's First Thursday Gathering. This service meets every first Thursday of the month for a message, longer worship and communion. Many of our young adults come together for this service.

Join the "COTC Young Adults" Facebook page to know when we are getting together.

Young Adults// 18-24 meet weekly for small group at the home of Steve and Karise Holbrook. This semester we are participating in the 40 Days of Prayer campaign. Come join us as we do life together. Karise Holbrook (941) 527-6975

For more info please call 941-756-0060 or contact Courtney Cummings:

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Pumpkin Festival!

When: October 28th

Where: Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Festival

Time: 3pm-5pm

Meet us at the pumpkin patch. The Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Festival is the perfect place to meet for a fall outing together. This is a "free family-friendly event that is an excellent ode to fall. . . with tasty fall treats such as pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream, along with BBQ, funnel cakes, lemonade and more." Later, for those interested, we will have pumpkin carving back at COTC, after 5pm.

Contact Courtney Cummings for more info. (941) 448-4418