Serving the World

All Christians are called by God to be in ministry. We have a direct responsibility to respond to God's call to reach out to the world and its people through loving acts of service. There are many people with many hurts, doubts, and questions. There are some who are new in the community and feel a little lost, some who are proudly self-sufficient, and others who are in desperate circumstances. Our mission is to reach out to them, listen to them, accept them, share the gospel in word and deed.

It is often in leaving familiar surroundings that we realize that there is much work to do, both near and far, to bring hope and healing to our world. Whether it takes place in a distant land or in the same time zone, mission work is a humbling and wonderful passport to a richer relationship with God. Come walk the walk with us.

Missionaries COTC Supports:

Ron & Jerry Childs - Niger, Africa
Bill & Dora Cruz - Ruskin FL
Don & Barb Johnson - YWAM Nicaragua
Patrick & Barb Lataillade - Miami, FL
Saige Sackett – YWAM Germany
Glorious Gospel Center – Children School Mukuru, Africa
Care Net
Guarding Angel
Pastors in Prayer

Short Term Mission Trips

An amazing way to participate in serving your world - It is the beginning of a journey that will change your life. Our goal is to prepare you for this incredible experience and help you to fulfill the needs of the places you visit. Stay tuned for short-term opportunities.

Have questions? Want more information? Give us a call 941-756-0060 or email the office.