Mobile bulletin


WE're In the bible app!

Taking notes and reading the Bible are important ways to learn from the messages during the weekend serve. Every week you can find our message notes on the Bible app in the Events section.

The Bible App is a great way to take the Bible everywhere you go. Hosting a plethora of translations alongside hundreds of languages, you can read, listen, watch, and share God's Word. The app also offers the ability to take notes and view our mobile bulletin.

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  1. Make sure the Bible app is installed on your phone.

  2. Once you get to your service at COTC, open up your app and navigate to the More tab at the bottom of the app.

  3. Click on Events.

  4. Find Church of the Cross in the Discover area or by typing Church of the Cross in the search bar.

NOTE: To use the Discover are, you will need to let the Bible app access your location. Your location helps you find nearby live events. Alternatively, you can can type in “Church of the Cross” in the search bar during service time.

Once you’ve clicked on Church of the Cross and are in the notes section, you'll have access to the series graphic, announcements, scriptures, and the ability to save the event for future access. You can click on scriptures to read the whole chapter, take your own personal notes for a point in the message, or even share to social media what you've been learning. It's a great way to stay rooted in God's word!