Love Others

Community is God's answer for everything

We believe that people need to have relationships with others, that no one should stand alone. We offer Small Groups that are designed to help us build Godly relationships with other people in a safe and caring environment. We also offer Focus groups where others can come along side us to help us build life skills and experience restoration.

What to expect in a Small group

If you've never been to a Small Group it's probably not what you would expect. Small Groups are a place to relax and have fun with friends. It's a place where we can talk about God and our lives in a safe and open environment. No one will force you to share or do anything you are not comfortable with. It's not meant to add to your busy schedule but to add balance to it. Groups usually run only about 90 minutes and have anywhere from 4 to 15 people.

Group Listings

We offers various types of groups to connect with others and stengthen our connection to God.

  • Small Groups: Groups that encourage us in our walk with God, they create friendships that walk along-side you and most of all - They can be just great fun. Some life groups are support groups that meet on a short term to equip us with effective tools for living.
  • Serve Groups: Groups that are serving God together with like giftings and passions.
  • Ministry Groups: Groups that are geared toward meeting a specific need within the church, building community, celebrating life, and pouring into others to see the Gospel lived out and to see people growing in Christ.

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