EIKON. A place to grow.

Young Adults // ages 18-29

We're a group of world changers and movers who desire to grow together. Our small group meets on Thursday at 6:30pm at COTC.


We are EIKON, which means IMAGE in Greek.

We are simply a community of young adults (ages 18-29) whose desire it is to come together, form friendships, hear a message, talk about it openly together, ALL while we strive to be made into the IMAGE of Jesus Christ. We want to have fun together and do life together but also define and fulfill our life's purpose (being followers of Jesus Christ)!

We meet every Thursday night at on campus at COTC. Expect to find some food as well....it's kind of the way we roll. We just enjoy spending time together and sharing it with some good food!

So, if you've never been out, feel free! Come just as you are! We open the doors around 6:30pm but don't get the program started till around 7:00 for you fashionably late people! Expect the service to end by 9:00!

Come be a part!!!

For more info please call 941-756-0060 or contact Courtney Cummings: Courtney@cotcfamily.com